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Featured Article

"Car Wash & Gas Station: Windshield Service or Scam?"

We have all experienced the vultures circling around as we pull into a gas station, sizing up our windshield to see if it will be part of their next meal. This scenario is an ever-increasing reality as carwashes and gas stations let auto glass personnel on their property. In its purest form, the service these salespeople offer is valuable. It accomplishes repairing a chip on the windshield before it turns into a crack and the windshield needs to be replaced. When done by trained technicians and offered as a preventative measure to replacement, all is well. But unfortunately, this is often not the case. I have heard many horror stories of the antics employed by these "sales representatives". Allow me to relay just a few...

One gentleman was approached by a salesman and allowed him to fix a rock chip in his windshield. The very next week the very same salesman solicited him again - on the very same rock chip. A woman had many sandpits on her windshield and each time she fueled up, the same person would "fix" three of them on her windshield, as this is the maximum allowed by the insurance company.

Another gentleman allowed one rock chip to be filled and his insurance was billed for three- again the maximum allowed by his insurance company. I have even met a gentleman who allowed one rock chip to be filled and his insurance was billed for a full windshield replacement. Many people have caught these "professionals" in their car, rummaging through the glove box for insurance cards without permission. Others have been asked to sign an invoice for a rock chip repair as they are preparing to leave the carwash, despite the fact that a repair was never authorized.

Ironically, I have also spoken to some of these salespeople and found that they are unhappy with the dishonest business practices of their employers. I have worked as a subcontractor for one of these companies, but was forced to terminate our affiliation. The owner was upset because when asked by an insured why a replacement was necessary if there was no damage to the windshield, we would advise them to forego the replacement that was scheduled.

What is the solution to this problem? One is that every business owner would run an honest and honorable business. But letıs talk about reality. Another solution is to inform the public and have them protect themselves. Who initiates this and pays for it? If the auto glass companies cannot regulate themselves then, as usual, the insurance companies will impose their own regulations. Windshield repair in gas stations and carwashes can be a valuable service, but when left unchecked it leads to an abuse of the system.

Please send us your comments or suggestions and experiences with this matter. We would love to hear from you.

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